Channels and Channel Features:

1.  Permanent Channel Number/URL:
A permanent channel number allows viewers to easily locate and view channels either by name or by number.  With the permanent channel technology operators will find that they can distribute and archive easier with better results.

2.  Media Center in combination with a Channel Name, Number, URL, Operator Status allows for a more robust solution enabling direct and dedicated monetization – no other company offers this combination;

3.  Combo & Bundled Services, Software, Network Connections and Themes & Templates for monetization.

4.  Public/Private (QOS) Viewing / Transmitting; Allows 24/7/365 Viewing/Programming; Transcoding options; making it compatible with Mobile Devices.

5.  Cross-Platform compatibility for various popular streaming software and allows other dynamically linked encoder systems.   Channels can be inter-connected deployed in seconds; HTTP encoding may be transcoded into Flash for H.264.

The following SPEEDSTREAM Brand channel technology and features included in all Media Centers:

Live or Delayed Broadcasting, Fixed Position or Mobile, Viewing can either be Public or Private, the Video Feed is Embeddable and Sharable, Scalable, Live or Pre-Produced Content Delivery and Archive, allows for 24/7/365 Continuous Playback or On Demand or Pay-Per-View, Open Public Viewing or Password Protected, Content Expiration.

  • Channel Types include:
  • Continuous Play
  • Random Loop
  • Linear Loop (default)
  • Cross-Linked Channels